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Remove Property Tax Exemption From Organizations

nyc skylineRemove the property tax exemption from Madison Square Garden. Back in the 1980’s they were given a twenty five year exemption on paying their property taxes. This was due to the economic climate of the day, and city leaders wanting to encourage big venues to live/work/play in New York City. However, the 25 years have come and gone. It is now time for MSG to pay their fair share of taxes. It’s been suggested that well over sixteen million dollars is being lost (in revenue) every year by Madison Square Gardens not paying property tax. However, some feel that by forcing these huge entities to pay taxes, they might be chased away to another city in America who won’t charge them the property tax.

Receive Overdue Funds From Hewlett Packard

computersAfter 9/11 Hewlett Packard set up a call center project designed to help facilitate communications between police/fire/city officials during emergencies and non-emergencies (aka ECTP). To date, this project is 8 years behind schedule and over 1 billion dollars OVER budget. The resulting funds would be placed into the coffers in order to pay down the debt. We feel that this is a great way to help increase the revenue in New York City without having to raise taxes on the already over-taxed populace. Let the huge corporations pay their fair share.

Extend the Hours of the Library

u=3201256004,3695005775&fm=21&gp=0Simply put: extend our library hours! Not all of us have access to computers and the internet (like the rich folk do). Some of us prefer the old fashioned method of going to a library, using the Dewey Decimal system and sitting in a corner and letting the aroma of a 50 year old book waft up through our noses. Right now the library shares the same hours as the bankers on Wall St. – 9am to 1pm. Let’s keep it open from ten in the morning to eight at night. Pastry and shops that serve coffee should be opened as well. This help help defray the cost of the extra hours for the librarians, the electricity and water used and other essential services. The library helps in many other ways, such as providing a valuable resource to local high school and college student as well as internet for those in life who can’t afford the outrageous internet charges every month.

Provide More Adult Literacy Classes

bookWe propose to add more classes so that adults who did not have the opportunity to complete high school (or are recent immigrants) can learn to speak, write and read proper English. There are about 1 million adults (youths) in New York who do not have their high school diploma. This is a huge statistic and very few states in America can claim these kinds of numbers. It costs around $900 per student to implement a program designed to help them become lettered. These programs are a benefit to the community because they allow these people to get higher paying jobs, and take a good portion of them out of a life of poverty. It also helps lower many other various (negative) statistics that generally can be found in big city life. Studies have show that for every person who receives the high schol diplome, their lifetime value (or “LTV”) is about three hundred thousand dollars to the city of New York. In short, this is a huge economic benefit that can only help the city. A small investment for a long term gain in many areas.